History and Evolution

NOMURA RIVA BRESSANIM E YOO ADVOGADOS is formed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience and coming from the biggest and well recognized law firms in Brazil.

The Firm began its activities with more focus on business demands. Today, the Firm is a reference on the areas of law of its operations. Whichever the area of law involved, the qualification, credibility, compromise and dedication of the firm’s team are central points of the excellency of its services.

The attributes that guide NOMURA RIVA BRESSANIM E YOO ADVOGADOS activities are: high quality standards, ethic, delivering of value and team work. With those attributes the Firm has been growing and consolidating its position in the market every year. However, such growing in its activities did not influenced the methods with which the Firm always carried its business, focusing on the delivery of value in accordance with its client’s demands.